Antique Distressed


The Antique Distressed line is distressed to provide a convincing, naturally worn appearance. Scarring and surface marking is produced without repetition. Edges are irregular and worn.

Bois Chamois lets you step back in time while enjoying the benefits of today’s precision milling and perfect tongue and groove fit. The European Oak undergoes various treatments so that it cannot be distinguished from vintage hardwood.

The Antique Distressed line is available in the following colors:

Antique: golden brown color
Bordeaux: dark brown color
Classic: natural color no stain or finish
Nostalgic: grey color

Specifications: European White Oak, ¾” by 7”, random length 3’ to 9’ with T & G sides and squared ends. Also available in widths from 5” to 10” which is a custom order.

The Antique Distressed Collection can also be made in an “Engineered” floor; however this is a custom order. Please contact us for further assistance.